Why the Public Library Should Be Your Best Friend

I only rediscovered my library in the last year or so and I am so happy that I did. Prior to that, I always bought my books or relied on the Internet for my information.

I’m not sure where it started that I only bought my books, but it really doesn’t make sense to buy books the first time you read them. Of course, if you want to support the author, that’s a totally different story.

If you’re like me, I typically don’t read books more than once. If I do, it’s usually because it was a book that offers advice, information, strategies, or personal development. Most of my books sit on their shelves and gather dust after I read them the first time.

If you’re someone that loves to read books over and over again and loves having shelves of books, then absolutely go for it!! Whatever brings you joy and makes your heart sing. You do you, girl!

But, I know that’s just not me. And I am so glad I wandered back into my public library for this reason.

1. Obviously, you save money by using the library.

This one is pretty obvious. You get access to your library by living in your town and paying taxes. Take advantage of it! My library even tells me how much money I saved by borrowing the books instead of buying them, I love that!

The convenience is awesome, too. I can go online and place a book on hold and pick it up when it’s ready. Super easy!

Plus, there are SO many apps now that allow you to listen to audiobooks, or ebooks right on your device at home. You don’t even need to step foot in the library and it’s on your device. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and it’s free.

Yes, you might have to wait a bit for the book that you want to read, but we’re adults, right? We can wait for something we want.

2. Everything goes back to the library.

I recently got into decluttering and binged the Marie Kondo series on Netflix in one weekend. There is nothing I love more than a good declutter. I have a pretty extravagant plan for a declutter over my upcoming spring break. I know, super wild and crazy, right?

This is about the time where I realized that stories, learning, information, and reading, bring me so much joy, but the actual books, do not. This is the wonderful thing about the library, the books go back once they have served their joy bringing purpose for me.

Of course, some books do bring me joy and I hate seeing them go back to the library, which brings me to my next point.

3. You can test drive a new book before purchasing.

There are some books that I do buy. The books that I will purchase are ones that I know I will reference back to again. These usually are books that have a lot of information in them and I want to make sure I take the time to actually implement the information.

Recently, I borrowed the 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and I absolutely loved it. As soon as I finished it, I bought a copy. I wasn’t reading it to fully implement the material this time. It was just for me to see if it had the information I’ve been looking for, and it totally did!

Now, I know my purchase is worthwhile because I have already read the book and know I will reference back to the book in the future.

4. Tons of free entrance places and events.

My library always has something going on. They are even bringing WOLVES to the library, like come on. That’s just so cool. But, in all honesty they have a ton of informational events that are always happening. It’s awesome to have access to so much information all for paying your taxes.

A lot of libraries also have partnership with local places for free or discounted admission to events. My library advertises them all the time. It’s great to just get on their email list so you can maybe get to experience something new you normally wouldn’t have!

Libraries are wonderful resources to use to continue learning.

What it really comes down to is that it’s important to continue learning and libraries offer a great way of doing that. It can open up new opportunities or new hobbies you never knew you would be interested in. And let’s be real, you’re paying for the library, so you might as well use it! How often do you use your library?