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5 Tips to Avoid Burning out While Paying off Debt

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my Disclosure Policy for more information. Being on a debt free journey is hard. It’s hard to change habits, it’s hard to say no, and it’s hard to see how much money you are throwing away in interest. That last one kills me every month, literally makes me want to throw in the towel and be done with all this nonsense. I’m being dramatic, but you get my point. It’s hard. There is nothing easy about this journey and burning out from it is very real. Whether your journey is less than a year, or is going to be more than 5 years, it’s important to recognize how you are doing throughout the journey. Check in and make adjustments if you feel like you’re slipping into burning out. Throughout the last 3 years of my journey to pay off $200k in student loans, I have come to, or close to, this feeling a lot. But, there are ways to avoid it, and handle it when it actually happens. These are the tips I have learned through my journey so far: 1. You can do anything for a short time, but not for […]

6 Strategies to Help with Anxiety While Paying Off Debt

Something that I haven’t shared with you all is that I deal with anxiety pretty regularly. I have found ways to keep it under control, but there are times when it completely tears me down. This happened to me last month. It was a tough time for me with changes at work, side jobs, everything seemed to be changing. And I wasn’t happy about a lot of the changes. With a lot of change, comes a lot of over thinking for me. Do you my new co-workers think I can handle this job? Am I doing a good job in this new role? Am I doing everything right? Making a huge life change, like getting your finances in order, is bound to cause some overwhelming feelings. I’ve been on this journey for almost 3 years and have been budgeting for 4 years. I still am facing anxiety over my finances. It usually creeps up out of no where for me and leaves me with knots in my stomach, my thoughts going a million miles a minute, and usually is accompanied by nausea and not being able to sleep. Luckily, I have found some strategies that have worked for me to […]

How to Deal with FOMO When You’re Swimming in Debt

This is a guest post written by Kelsey Yeager, founder of On My Way to Happiness, check her out for tips on saving money, reaching FIRE, and paying off debt. When I paid off $20,000 of student loans in 6 months, it took hard work. It’s not because I’m filthy rich and can easily throw around that kind of money. It was because I made paying off debt my #1 priority above all else. The “easy” part was changing my own habits. Since I was motivated to pay off debt, I didn’t mind eating rice-based meals, meal prepping, or not buying new clothes for a little while. The hardest part was changing my habits when they involved other people. I noticed in my budget that my largest expenses were things that involved other people – like when co-workers invited me to lunch, summer weekends with traveling with friends, or going to the bars every weekend. It’s really challenging to learn how to say no to friends when they ask you to do expensive stuff, because of FOMO! I was worried my friends wouldn’t like me if I stopped spending money on stuff. I was worried they would stop inviting me [...]

Why You Need a Buffer When Zero Based Budgeting

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my Disclosure Policy for more information. We hear it all the time in the personal finance field, zero based budgeting. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I know for me, it has been the tool to help me pay off $100k in student loans in 3 years. If you don’t know what a zero based budget is, it basically means that your budget equals zero by the end of your budgeting period. Basically all money that has come in, then goes out by the end of that budgeting period. I’m not saying you spend all your money by the end, but that you have sent your money to start working for you based on your goals. My long term goal is to reach financial freedom and my goal right now to get there is to pay off my student loans. This means that at the end of my budgeting period, I do monthly, all my extra money goes to my debt. It takes some time to incorporate and I know a lot of people are scared to use this model of budgeting, which I totally get. I was nervous to since it […]