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Making Sacrifices While Paying Off Debt

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my Disclosure Policy for more information. Paying off debt can be a scary thing to start. I know for myself, I was terrified of my reality when I hit my financial breaking point during grad school. 6 figures of debt and a teaching salary scared the living you know what right outta me. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had dug myself such a massive hole and I had the absolute smallest shovel to get myself out with. To this day I thank my grad school advisor for smacking some sense and reality into me when I was still in school and my loans were in deferment. Without her, I would have been in a longer program, making less money in grad school, getting less scholarship money, making less as a teacher in NY, and paying for rent. The numbers literally didn’t add up and I most definitely would have been living on credit cards for my daily expenses. Because of her, I made sacrifices so that I can build myself a much better future. I moved home after graduation to live rent free and get a higher salary in […]

3 Things to Immediately Change Your Finances

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my Disclosure Policy for more information. There are a few things in personal finance that I feel will actually change your life. A budget, sinking funds, and an emergency fund, and I’m not being dramatic when I say this. If you utilize these three things, you’re financial world will be better because of it. If you’ve been using these 3 things for awhile, then you know what I’m talking about. When I learned about these three things and implemented them, it was amazing how stress free my financial life became. The reason why these 3 things make your finances so much less stressful is because it prepares you for expected and unexpected spending. You no longer will need to stress about money because you will have money earmarked for most things that come up. Here’s a breakdown of what these 3 things allow you to do with your finances. 1. A budget to change your finances. A budget is going to help you manage your cash flow, the money coming in and out of your account. This also allows you to plan for expenses you know are coming in a specific month. Personally, I […]

Why Your Finances Need to be Personal

This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my Disclosure Policy for more information. I’m a huge advocate for personal finance. I think it should be a high school graduation requirement. I know that this currently is not happening in most high schools, but the reality is that it’s too important not to require it in our curriculums. For most people, unless they are personally interested in personal finance, they won’t know how to manage their finances. This lands so many people in very scary financial situations, me being one of them. When I graduated from high school I was under the impression that student loan debt was okay, it was good debt! I’d get a job post grad and have no problem paying them off. The only issue was that I took out $200k for a teaching degree. There was no chance I’d be making enough to pay my minimums when I graduated AND support myself, it literally didn’t add up. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I got that massive first bill in the mail. Lucky for me, I hit my financial breaking point in my first few weeks of grad school and was in a position to make […]

How to Prepare for a Job Change

Lately, I have been really about finding work that you absolutely love. I have always loved teaching, since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. There was absolutely no question there. Recently, I have found it more and more difficult to get myself to school. Not because of the kids or my actual job, but the environment that I have to work in everyday. It’s not a good environment to be in and it definitely would be considered toxic. For awhile, I thought I didn’t like teaching because of it. What I realized was that it wasn’t the teaching I didn’t enjoy, it was the unreal expectations that were being place on us as teachers in my current district. I quickly realized that if I was going to find my passion again in education, I’d need to leave. These are the steps that I am following now as I prepare to switch jobs. 1. Apply to all the jobs. I’m at the point where I am applying to any job that remotely interests me. Of course, I have an idea of what I ideally want. I want to be a reading specialist, but if I […]