You know finances are important, you know you should be paying attention to them, but have no idea where to start. I’ve been there and I can tell you, it took me hours of research and years of practice to figure it out. Let me help you figure it out in 12 weeks.

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Do you struggle with….

  • overspending
  • not knowing where your money goes
  • feeling overwhelmed by the debt you have
  • managing your money
  • having too many items that need your financial attention
  • not having enough money to pay for everything

1:1 money coaching might be for you!

What you’ll get…

12 weeks of support and accountability from me

Weekly 1 hour calls to check in and set the pace for the week

Access to me throughout the 12 weeks through a chat platform

An individualized financial plan based on your current and future goals

Customized templates for your unique situation

A budget that works for you

A strategy to increase your income and decrease your expenses

“Before Diana helped me review my finances, I had just quit my job to focus on a freelance career and my expenses were completely out of control. She went through my finances with me one by one to help me create a realistic budget and makes sure to check in with me once a week to hold me accountable for staying on track. Once she started helping me realize what I needed to focus my efforts towards, I was able to clearly see where my money was going and have made tremendous progress in lowering my debts! Without her guidance I wouldn’t be as comfortable with my debt free journey as I am now. She is a serious lifesaver!!”


Why should you work with me?

I have had debt that was quadruple my income, barely making enough to cover my minimum payments, and feeling absolutely trapped by my horrible financial mistakes. 

But, I’ve moved past this. I’ve moved to a place where I can pay off my debt, have an emergency fund with multiple sinking funds, and still go on the vacation I’ve dreamed about.

I no longer need to stress about every penny because I’ve lowered my expenses and paid off $150k of student loan debt while earning a teacher salary by myself. 

This didn’t happen overnight. I spent hours researching how to do this and years working through my mindset over my debt. But, I don’t want you to have to wait so long.

We can do this together in 12 weeks.

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Before I started working with you, I didn’t follow a budget; I generally managed inflows and outflows, and as a result often overspent. At times, I even had to dip into savings to cover expenses. By working with you, I was able to understand the fundamentals of budgeting, create a budget and plan, and most importantly put it into action. I had learned a general strategy for budgeting, but never followed through with it because I found the small details challenging to get right. By using excel templates, sinking funds, and identifying what to do with unique income, I was able to create a steady plan and stick to it. Now, I am excited to balance my budget each week, and I feel confident and comfortable knowing where my money is going. It allows me greater freedom because I have control; I am able to spend on the items I would like to that month, but I also know how to save towards certain goals.


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