About Me

I’m Diana, a twenty something teacher on a debt free journey. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher, and I finally got to pursue my dreams teaching 5th grade in 2015. Then, in 2017 I transitioned to being an academic support teacher for 5th grade and in 2018 I moved up to do the same thing with 7th and 8th graders. Unfortunately, it took a lot of education (and student loans) to get here.

Like many other high school students, I was incredibly naive and didn’t think about how much college was going to truly cost me after four years. I accumulated a ton of student loan debt without really thinking about the consequences. Who does when they’re 18 and thinking about going to their dream school with one of the best programs in the country? Well, it slapped me in the face one day my senior year of college when I was accepted into a graduate program at my university. Once I added all my student loans together I was already at an unthinkable amount in debt and I would only get even more in debt from graduate school. I quickly began to realize I needed to come up with a strategy to make this work.

I finished my masters program, accumulated about $200k in student loans, I’m entering my fourth year teaching in New Jersey, and have paid off $97k of my student loans in under 3 years. Through my journey I have learned so much about personal finance and I want to help other millenials reach their financial goals through budgeting by saving money, making money, paying off debt, and building wealth.

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